The International Congress on bicycle culture was first held in Moscow on 21-23 April, 2016

The main objective of the Congress was bicycle advocacy and its popularization with different social groups in Russia, including high-ranking officials representing both federal and regional governing bodies as well as all the ministries concerned. The emphasis was made on creating all the necessary preconditions for safe and comfortable riding in Russian cities and towns.




Substantiated reports on the matters of changing priorities in modern urban and transport infrastructure planning and emerging bicycle culture in the countries with cold climate were presented by the delegates from Argentine, Belgium, Great Britain, Holland, Denmark and USA.

Representatives of more than 30 bike organizations from different cities of Russia and CIS countries held a workshop and shared their vast experience in bike advocacy and bike culture promotion.




The Congress was organized by the UN-Ministry of Transport Environmental Program, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and “Let’s Bike It” project. The overall logistical support was provided by the Ministry of Transport (RF).